Melbourne & Tasmania Wedding Photographer

Sion Jones Photography


“ I am a photographer based in Tasmania & Melbourne, Australia. My primary objective is to provide you with superior quality wedding photography adopting perfect mix of contemporary, posed and candid photo journalistic wedding photos. I strive to capture the timeless memories that you will look back on one week, a month and years after the event and remember exactly how you felt in that moment. I have had the privilege of travelling the world as a competitive cyclist for a vast number of years before settling down in Melbourne, which in turn has afforded me the opportunity to experience and photograph a number of cultures that have developed my passion for urban photography-shooting cityscapes- and landscapes, which I like to implement into my wedding and portrait shoots. The principles I adopted as an athlete- my drive and determination to seek out the best results- I bring to my photography, constantly pushing limits in order to achieve the best results for my clients. "